The IGS Way

In an effort to nurture and protect the “IGSness” of our school community, Primary School staff are leading “The IGS Way” initiative.

“It is our way forward in creating a positive school culture, inclusive and connected, with effective family and community partnerships, where wellbeing and support for positive behaviour exists,” Acting Principal Mary Duma said.

“That’s why we have a copy in every room of the School. It’s now up to us to continue to make it come alive!”

Ms Duma recalled that when she began at IGS 11 years ago, our community spoke to her about “IGSness”, and she was determined to work out what this was.

“It was like a secret enigma or even doctrine, revealed only to those who have the privilege of being at IGS,” Ms Duma said.

“Character matters, our health matters, our peace of mind matters, our relationships matter. Putting in effort in the classroom and on the playing field and setting achievable goals and achieving success, and working hard, these are all part of creating learning communities that promote student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships.

“The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework identifies all these elements of our ‘IGSness’ in their framework.”

Ms Duma explained that is why The IGS Way initiative “needs to emanate through our School as the binding force that elicits the development of resilience skills among our students”.

“In doing so, we provide the hope that they will go on to use what they have learnt, to live fulfilling and enriched lives,” she said.

“The passion for learning and ongoing quest for knowledge comes from us!”