‘The IGS Way’ in Preschool

The youngest learners at IGS learn about safety and being respectful, caring learners every day.

Children are introduced to The IGS Way in Preschool, and are reminded of it in Primary and High School.

“As a new teacher I was looking for something that I could use that would develop a shared language regarding class behaviour expectations,” said Preschool Green Early Childhood Teacher Deborah King.

“I saw the IGS way poster and realised this was something used at IGS and I could adapt it to use with my Preschool class,” she said.

“Developing shared language with young children, reinforces the expectations in a positive way and gives everyone a point of reflection.”

Deborah often repeats the following phrases:

“We do our best.”

“We try new things.”

“We learn with our friends and teachers.”

“We say please and thank you.”

“We look after things.”

“We help each other.”

“We share and take turns.”

“We use kind words and gentle hands.”

As students progress through the School into higher years, the values and behaviour are reinforced. There are many posters throughout the School, and The IGS Way is included in the High School Student Planner.