The IGS Strengths Conference

All IGS staff recently joined together for the IGS Strengths Conference, a thought-provoking and motivating way to begin the term.

“Day by day I see our staff’s strengths manifesting in such inspiring ways at the School and for the benefit of our students,” said Principal Shauna Colnan.

“We wanted to identify and talk about our individual strengths and contemplate the ways we can harness our students’ strengths to build their confidence and tenacity, in accordance with our strategic aspiration for empowered students and our mission to equip them to be ready for the world beyond Kelly Street.”

The conference was lead by Visible Wellbeing Positive Psychology presenter Claire Fortune.

Principal Shauna Colnan with Claire Fortune

Claire is a trainer, facilitator and course designer in positive psychology, who is “passionate about empowering people with the tools to flourish in all spheres of life”. Claire has worked in the health and education sectors for more than 15 years.

“There is huge importance around positive psychology in schools as they are institutes for wellbeing,” Claire said.

“We want to think about how we can give students the tools and skills to be at their very best, and help children achieve the highest level of wellbeing.

“Let’s assist them in learning how to amplify and leverage off moments of wellbeing,” Claire said.

Claire explained the outcomes of positive psychology programs include higher:

  • life satisfaction
  • self-esteem
  • relationship satisfaction
  • optimism.

The conference highlighted key research findings from the field of positive education about student and staff wellbeing, presented scientific evidence linking wellbeing with academic achievement, and provided staff with practical steps to make our classrooms even more positive places.