The Great Blue

We congratulate and thank Year 8 IGS student Karam Hartmann on creating this poem:

Off into the numbing cold, its frigid grip vice like.

Kicked once through the blue
struggling, limbs flailing, muscles spasming blood roiling through veins like waves, heart kicking and straining. Her dark, bitter hug drew close.

When next he saw, he saw the sun squint back at him through foam of sea,
gasping and gulping each more than the other whilst the towering waves tumbled and jostled, jolting him in their embrace.

Pinned down by wind and water he choked under the eye of the storm,
the great blue swirled and slammed and like a dog it bit and tore, freezing as it went.

Yet through this hardship he threw one leg, and next another through fit of fear he powered not knowing up from down nor left to right.
Charging onwards through the wind’s tendrils, sharp and snapping
Yet, against fate’s behest he pressed and violent as the tempest loomed he knew the close drew near.

Thrashing with ice filling his lungs and blood behind his eyes the wave crashed over and he saw the sun.

Karam Hartmann 2020