The Art of Science

IGS staff and students of all ages are enjoying the opportunity to create artworks inspired by science.

Examining diverse scientific exhibits in KMB 204 during lunch until 31 August, they may photograph, paint or draw them and submit them in the School’s inaugural IGS Art of Science competition.

Launched during Science Week, the competition invites everyone at IGS into the Science labs at lunchtime to photograph, draw or paint scientific exhibits.

“They are looking at and representing familiar items through new eyes,” said STEAM innovator (High School) Claire Loh.

Art of Science photography
Art of Science photography

“There are 8 possible stations covering equipment from Physics, Biology, Earth and Environment and Chemistry fields. This year we are very lucky to have artist Janet Laurence as one of our judges,” Claire said. Judging will take place on 7 September.

“Janet’s work explores themes of art, science, imagination, memory, and loss, her practice examines our physical, cultural and conflicting relationship to the natural world through both site specific, gallery and museum works. Laurence was the Australian representative for the COP21/FIAC, Artists 4 Paris Climate 2015 Exhibition, exhibiting a major work – Deep Breathing: Resuscitation for the Reef – at the Muséum National D’Historie Naturelle, in Paris, France. We are very lucky to have Janet contribute to IGS in this way.”

Coco of Year 8: “I’m drawing the ram’s head because I’m really interested in animals and trying to learn the anatomy of different animals. I also like the way it looks. It will be challenging and fun to draw. This is a new experience.”

Preparing for IGS Art of Science competition
Preparing for the IGS Art of Science competition

Sami of Year 7: “I like drawing, and I like Science, especially Biology. I’m going to use water colours to make the colours stand out.”

Maya of Year 7: “Normally when I photograph something, it’s a building or a plant, but this is really out there. Science for me is normally writing things down, but seeing it like this, I understand you can experience Science in different ways.”

Exploring the Art of Science
Exploring the Art of Science

Lola of Year 7: “I really like the ram’s head. It’s really nice to draw because it’s really old and has lots of scratches and spots and different details. When you are creating art, you have to look into the details of things, so art is quite scientific.”

Thomas of Year 9: “It’s a good opportunity to take photos of some of the things in the Science Department, capturing science as art.”

Grace of Year 9: “For me, Science is one of my passions and I think it’s a different take on it, a different way to approach. It’s really exciting getting to explore things and appreciate them in depth is something I really like.”

Karina of Year 8: “I’ve always loved Chemistry and these colours can be fun to work with.”

IGS Head of Science Sian Welch: “It provides an opportunity for students to engage with Science outside the normal curriculum, and allows them to see how Science connects with other areas of learning in a more creative way, and to consider science related jobs for their futures, such as Wildlife Photography and Science Journalism.”