Teen Mental Health in conversation

IGS Year 10 students are looking forward to participating in a Teen Mental Health First Aid course in Week 5 of Term 4.

IGS Year 10 Student Nathan Turner suggested the idea to the PDHPE Department.

“We’re living in an unprecedented time amidst a recession, two crises: a pandemic and a climate crisis,” Nathan said.

Mental Health First Aid training is a way that we can not only recognise when we’re not okay but also how we can support each other.

“I just hope more than ever this is the foundation for years and years of students to come so they can receive and give this level of support from and to their school, each other and lead the way not only in the classroom but in our lives and everywhere.”

Nathan said COVID-19 has shown him the importance of connectedness and support.

“This would’ve been the point in the year where we’d have been about to go to Tasmania with the SAGE program, where we’d be having the experience of a lifetime. Due to COVID that’s not going ahead this year,” he said.

“You start to recognise that our lives are built on our experiences.

“We spend a large part of our lives and in our School, recognising the importance of days like RUOK Day, World Mental Health day and we generally start a conversation in the classroom about it in PDHPE.”