Teamwork on show for our youngest learners

IGS Early Learning and Primary School staff have been busy preparing remote learning packs for students who are at home.

Deputy Principal Students and Campus Life Mary Duma snapped a photo of our Primary School staff who had spent their breaks making the packs.

The staff had joined forces to create the packs during the term break, maintaining safe social distancing measures while they added the resources.

Ms Duma described what she saw as “the greatest team effort and show of care that we could ever have,” she said.

“You are an amazing team,” she told staff.

“I am truly privileged to be at a school where such care for our students is shown on a daily basis.

“Even during your break, you all got together to create packs for our students. That says it all!!

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart as your colleague and as a grandmother of an IGS student.”

Dedicated Early learning educators also got together to pack and distribute remote learning packs for children who are at home during COVID-19 restrictions.

“The Early Learning team is incredibly excited to offer Home Activity Resource Packs to the youngest learners of IGS who are learning from home with their families at this time,” said Head of School Early Learning Sarah Herbert.

“As children commenced staying home to limit the spread of the virus, we began offering daily home learning activities via our Centre communication platform – Storypark. As our home learning program has evolved we began developing the concept of the Resource Packs for families.

“The Packs include play dough, glue sticks, children’s scissors, whiteboard markers, chalk, laminated name cards, craft activities and other activity sheets with a range of ideas for how the open-ended materials can be used to support learning at home.

“We understand at this time many families are juggling multiple priorities from home, and the unique challenges of balancing family and work life with young children. We hope the resource packs can be used flexibly, in multiple ways, and with maximum independence by the children.

“The packs are also a way of keeping in touch with our Early Learners and their families, and to provide some familiar resources from the Centre to keep a strong sense of connection within our IGS community.”

Acting Deputy Director of Early Learning Michelle Tenkate said many children arrived by bike or on foot to collect their bags, while others excitedly waved hello from the back seats of cars.

“While remembering social distancing practices, it was nice to have a few minutes to connect with each other,” she said.

“Many children and families spoke of being excited to eventually return to school. The ELC staff are looking forward to this too.”