Songbird Maxine Baker to take talent back to Nashville

IGS Class of 2019 graduate and HSC showcase Encore nominee Maxine Baker will spend 2020 making music and traveling.

“I was nominated for all my pieces which was very exciting!” said Maxine, an award-winning singer songwriter and entertainer.

“I feel really lucky,” said Maxine, who started at IGS in Preschool when she was three years old. “I didn’t expect it to happen and I feel very honoured.

“IGS has always been able to give me a platform to play my music in front of friends and family which is really fun!

“Highlights of IGS would be just being with my friends and moving through the years completing different milestones.

“It was really emotional to say goodbye to IGS after 15 years. 

“I’m still playing and writing songs, and I’m hopefully going to be playing some gigs in the new year at local bars and pubs around Sydney.”

Maxine won second place in a national songwriting competition when she was just 16, and secured a recording contract in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I’m heading back to Nashville in April to play some gigs, write some songs and try get some exposure in front of whoever will listen to me!

“After that I’ll be travelling with my friends around Europe, and I recently got accepted into the University of Sydney for their contemporary music practice course, so I’ll most likely continue to do that the year after.

“My main goal for 2020 is just to relax and have fun with my family and friends, make music and travel.”

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