‘Take care’ as strength and gratitude ‘bring us closer’

We thank IGS Head Girl Astrid Mckinley for her reflections on the impacts of COVID-19, now and in future.

As from today, 8 April 2020, nearly 75,000 people have succumbed to the Covid-19 virus. Although proportionately Australia’s cases are said to be mild, life here has been turned completely upside down. It seems like months ago that one could relax on a sunny beach, enjoy a packed day of school or not worry about the amount of food stacked in the cupboard.

Three weeks ago, posters were beginning to appear around the school. Warning us of symptoms and suggesting preventative measures. It seemed like a far off reality. A reality where thousands of us would be told not to go to school, our safe place.

Since beginning at IGS, one value has always stood out above the rest – community. We are a school where each individual is lifted and nurtured by the people around them. Our community is special and has no parallel, so what would happen if one day this were to be taken away?

Achieving ‘community’ remotely

As we get deeper and deeper into quarantine, days seem to blend and socialising becomes a distant dream that is only partially satisfied through sporadic online calls. In amongst this tragic time in history it is crucial to focus on how community can be achieved remotely.

It is important to connect with friends on a regular basis and reach out when you feel overwhelmed. This is a huge change for each and every person. Remember that you are far from alone.

Treasure your loved ones

In this devastating time, remember to treasure your loved ones. Not only the ones in your home but those further away. Maybe give someone a call to let them know that you’re thinking of them. It might make your day as much as it does theirs.

But most importantly, take care of yourself.

Strength and gratitude ‘will bring us closer’

Spending time alone leaves you time to reflect. What a strange era in human history we are living through. I have learnt to appreciate the little things over the last few weeks. If we are left with anything after this, it is strength and gratitude. When school resumes, both of these qualities will bring us closer as a community and create a power that will be unstoppable!

Astrid Mckinley
IGS 2020 Head Girl