Tailoring story tales

Students in Year 1 appreciated receiving handmade picture books, specially designed for each of them by students in Year 4.

Year 4 were given the opportunity to create engaging picture books, embodying “fractured” traditional tales, which they began to design earlier in the year.

Fractured tales rework traditional ones to create fresh perspectives, such as the Big Bad Wolf’s version of The Three Little Pigs.

To commence the project, Year 4 conducted interviews and surveys with Year 1, and then analysed their data to understand their Year 1 client’s picture book requests. This was explored through a design thinking process (outlined below).


From there, Year 4 developed a picture book criteria that would become a measure of how well they had carried out their inquiry efficiently, to ensure that they had the proper knowledge and skills to meet the requests of their Year 1 audiences.

Gifted and Talented Teacher Sherryl Ryan used French artist Henri Matisse to inspire Year 4 students, as they adapted shapes and cut-outs to create symbols and images, and explored font styles and layouts to further enhance their cover designs.


There was an array of different approaches to the designs of each book and its detailed packaging, showing the level of planning invested in their first drafts. Year 4 revisited their designs, finalising them with further Year 1 input.



Now that the picture books are complete, Year 4 have been spending time reading with Year 1, after unwrapping the stories from their creative packages.