Sydney on show for fresh eyes

Year 12 Geography students examined heritage and change in Sydney's CBD, north west, west and inner west of Sydney during a recent excursion.

Students share their reflections:

“Sydney is an ever-changing tapestry of urban dynamics and Mr Fedele was the weaver that intertwined these concepts into our minds so we could see and understand the colours of each individual strand.” 
Christopher Lowe

“Learning about the urban dynamics of Sydney was really interesting.
“Wow! Who knew Sydney was so dynamic!
“Sydney is such a busy place! It’s full of urban renewal, urban villages, suburbanisation and consolidation!”
Luca Craig-Cifali

Year 12 geographers explore Sydney
Year 12 geographers explore Sydney

“It was really eye-opening to see all these urban dynamics taking place in our very own city of Sydney. A lot of the urban dynamics that we saw around Sydney, I had no idea were taking place. It was a great learning experience for me and my peers”
Otis Connor

“It was very interesting witnessing urban dynamics happening all around us, and I also went to parts of Sydney I’ve never visited before!”
Leo Sternhell

Studying Sydney
Studying Sydney