Switch your thinking

“Our goal is a carbon neutral IGS by 2034,” said Will Salkeld of Year 11.

Will, along with Hunter Forbes and Dylan Jenkin of Year 11, lead the IGS Sustainable Futures team.

“Sustainable Futures was created via a shared passion for the environment and the belief that IGS can be a lighthouse school in terms of sustainability,” Will said.

The Sustainable Futures group formed with the belief that IGS can do more for its environmental sustainability.

The results of Hunter’s Senior Geography Project report, The Environmental Sustainability of IGS, confirmed this by finding that while IGS has many sustainable initiatives and technologies in place, more can be done.

The report surveyed a sample of the school community, finding overwhelming support for enriched environmental sustainability.

“After looking at our energy consumption over the past years and Hunter’s comprehensive report on sustainability at IGS, we came to the conclusion that the acquirement of a Power Tracker monitor for the School was the best way we could start our sustainability journey,” Will said.

A Power Tracker monitor can track energy usage from within small residential buildings right up to large commercial complexes. Power Tracker provides usage insights, down to the minute, giving comprehensive real time energy information.

The hope of Sustainable Futures is to use this information to find locations in the School where power usage can be reduced.

“Sustainable Futures is fundraising to purchase a Power Tracker, which will monitor energy use, helping reduce future costs and improve the School’s environmental sustainability,” Hunter said.

IGS Acting Head of HSIE, Carmelo Fedele continues to work closely with the Sustainable Futures team and nurture the growth of the group’s initiative.

“I’m incredibly proud of the students in the Sustainable Futures team,” Carmelo said. “It has been such little work for me because the students have been so passionate and pro-active.”

The team of students is highly motivated and self-sufficient.

“They organise the meetings, write the minutes, contact stakeholders, delegate responsibilities and get things done,” Carmelo said. “I’m certain they will meet their goal of making IGS carbon-neutral by 2030!”

The group have set up a campaign webpage to enhance their fundraising initiative. They have now raised 10% of the $8,000 goal, but have quite some way to go.

Click here to learn more about the PowerTracker campaign and to donate.

Schools are powerful forces in driving change towards sustainability within their communities. IGS has always been avid in its approach to environmental sustainability and making changes to reduce environmental injury. Sustainability is at the heart of the School culture.