Sweeter space

Members of the IGS Garden and Sustainability clubs prepared garden beds and heard from horticultural specialist Gary Pajor-Markus of Kindred Gardens as they planted sweet peas and root vegetables in the IGS Peace Garden.

“From little things, big things grow,” said IGS Principal Shauna Colnan, adding that she found the children of the Garden Club inspiring.

“They were so patient and careful as they planted our sweet pea seeds. I can’t wait for Spring when the sweet peas will bloom!”

The planting is in keeping with the Sustainability Club’s vision for the campus, set in motion by senior student Hunter Forbes’s senior geography project early in 2017.


With encouragement from Acting Head of Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) Carmelo Fedele, Hunter established the Sustainability Club, which is also examining energy use on campus.

Sustainability Club members Luca, Hugo and Robbie of Year 12 and Garden Club members worked together to create the self-wicking planter boxes, then tinier fingers carefully planted the seeds.


Fellow Year 12 student Dylan, Hunter and Will said they were pleased to see the plantings.

“IGS is progressive,” Dylan said. “It changes.”

Will Salkeld added: “It’s really a step forward. IS is becoming more aware of sustainability in general.”

The students acknowledged the work of Deputy Head of High School and Director of Student Activities Paul Galea in establishing the Garden Club for Junior School students.