Sustainable Futures Club sees a silver lining in COVID-19 changes

"In a time of historical change through bushfires, floods and now pandemic, our climate hasn't stopped changing," says Nathan of Year 10.

The Sustainable Futures Club has continued to meet during Tuesday lunchtimes and afternoons as well as Friday mornings and afternoons.

This week, their Tuesday meeting had more than 15 students from both Primary and High School take part.

“By 2030 it will be too late to stop climate change,” Nathan said, going on to quote former UN climate leader Christiana Figueres, who says there is a silver lining to the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

“If we really sustain several months of reduced travel we may realise that we don’t have to travel as much,” Christiana says. As air travel uses great amounts of fossil fuels, people might decide to stop travelling as much, and slow down the use of fossil fuels which are exacerbating climate change.

“For us, it’s quite simple,” said Nathan. “We live on the hope that Christiana Figueres describes. The past months will forever change our outlook on our world moving forward and it makes you think… what about us?

“Currently what we’ve seen through IGS Online Learning is the sheer power that we can have as a school, acting sustainably. At the moment we’ve seen all departments across IGS and our greater community not printing as much paper. We’ve been working purely out of Canvas to assign our work, using and delegating work online through textbooks and online worksheets.”

In their online meetings, Nathan said they discussed their current direction, proposals and a plan for tomorrow. 

“With multiple proposals and plans in the works, IGS’s Sustainable Future is only going up and needless to say, our power and energy consumption is only going down,” Nathan said.