Sustainability buddies take action

Early Learning Teacher Jasmine Flyte has been mentoring three Year 5 girls who head up the Sustainable Futures Waste Committee and have been sharing their passion for environmental action.

“They really are committed, and passionate students!” Ms Flyte said.

“Their main mission is to inform their peers and raise awareness about sustainability.

“Among many other grand ideas, they have decided to create a display that will be visible for their peers, and down the track they plan to do presentations at assemblies, but they started with this display.”

Making a pollution display
Making a pollution display

Ms Flyte explained that the girls created the display, which includes marine animals constructed out of recycled waste and signage, with the assistance from the Early Learning Transition class at lunch times.

“The students give up all their lunchtimes to create these things, and meet with like-minded peers from upper Primary through to High School,” Ms Flyte said.