Supporting Indigenous journeys

Each year since 2001, IGS has provided scholarships for Indigenous young people and activities that reflect Indigenous identity, history and culture.

The Indigenous Journey at IGS has led to today’s team of 20 young people on scholarship and enriched our community’s understanding. IGS is fortunate to have the support of International Grammar School Indigenous Scholarship Ambassadors.

We are excited to welcome Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) Founder Jack Manning Bancroft and National Indigenous Television (NITV) Presenter and Producer Natalie Ahmat, who recently joined as Indigenous Scholarship Ambassadors.

Natalie Ahmat is the face of NITV News, Australia’s only Indigenous television news bulletin, and is one of the hosts of NITV’s flagship current affairs program, The Point.

Natalie Ahmat

AIME is an educational program which supports Indigenous students through high school and into university and employment at the same rate as all Australians.

Jack Manning Bancroft

“I want to see a better, more inclusive, kinder, braver and bolder Australia, and the students, families and alumni at IGS can help lead that change,” Jack said.

Jack started AIME at the age of 19 with 25 Indigenous children in Redfern. Fourteen years later and the AIME model of mentoring has assisted more than 25,000 young people, engaged more than 8,000 university students as mentors, and is operating in four countries.

IGS students regularly participate in AIME programs and initiatives.