Sun sprint

IGS students in the new Digital Innovation (DI) High Club have been building their own solar race cars.

At the UNSW MCIC Innovation Centre, students engaged in a UNSW Engineering group, USTEM, workshop.

SunSprint manager Michael Richards also gave them guidance.

“It’s really interesting that your students are always prepared to ask questions, rather than just accepting the data that’s put in front of you,” Michael told IGS students at the workshop. “What’s exciting for you is the amount of change that’s coming.”

IGS students worked alongside students from Matraville High School, as part of a challenge to build the fastest solar-powered mini cars. They raced their solar cars down a 20-metre straight track at the end of the workshop.

“Learning about solar power is really interesting,” Dylan of Year 9 said. “The program gives us more opportunities to learn and engage in a practical application of our understanding.”

The workshop covered various studies of renewable and non-renewable energy, while also digging deeper into Australia’s energy supply and demands.

“I try to get the kids thinking on different levels,” Michael said. “It’s impressive to see the students showcase their knowledge not only outside of the classroom but way outside of the box.”

The solar car challenge is among a range of activities within the IGS DI High Club, one of more than 60 clubs on offer for children of all ages at International Grammar School.