Students to share wellbeing lessons

Students in Years 8 and 10 considered diverse aspects of wellbeing during a "Sticks and Stones" presentation by Brainstorm Productions.

The students watched actors involved in aggressive and bullying behaviour, both physically and online, and learnt techniques for avoiding engaging in bullying behaviour and being targeted by bullies.

Year 8 considers wellbeing
Year 8 considers wellbeing by watching actors

Students were encouraged to “think, breathe, walk away”, to calm down by counting to 10, to talk about their feelings, and other ways of staying safe at school and online.

They were also encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions, to “stand tall”, be assertive, cooperate with others and be positive bystanders.

The students are sharing the lessons they have learnt on resilience, respect, empathy and self control with fellow IGS High Schoolers of all ages in their tutor groups.