Students stop and read for Australian Reading Hour

More than 100 books were borrowed before School had even started on Thursday, as Primary and High School students celebrated Australian Reading Hour.

Students all across Australia were encouraged to stop what they were doing for one hour and pick up a book.

IGS Acting Head of Library Services Karen said the library was very busy as Primary and High School students eagerly borrowed books in preparation for Australian Reading Hour.

“The benefits of reading were discussed at the beginning of every library lesson,” she said.

“Reading improves concentration and self-awareness, and it’s a great way to combat loneliness, enhance empathy for others, and build general knowledge, as well as creating obvious educational gains,” she said.

“I have especially enjoyed seeing Kindergarten children reading with older students throughout the morning.”

Australian Reading Hour was concluded with a visit from a Year 9 English class.

Allegra, in Year 5 said her favourite book is A Dog’s Purpose and Indiana said her favourite book is Amelia and the Unicorn Gods.

Matilda, who was busy ready Emily Eternal in the School library, said she is up to page 37 out of 200.

“Quite a lot has happened just by the 37th page,” she said. “It’s really mysterious because the sun is about to blow up.”

Matilda said she loves to read every day and has read too many books to count.