Students spread joy on B Kinder Day

Happiness and kindness is something the world needs more of, says IGS student Grace Truman.

On Friday 21 June students at IGS celebrated B Kinder Day in honour of Billie Kinder, who died in a tragic horse accident three years ago at just 12 years of age.

Those close to Billie set up B Kinder Day, which encourages children to write cards of kindness to each other.

Grace, of Year 10, is an extremely proud ambassador of the Fly High Billie Charity and as part of her role she has been able to introduce B Kinder Day to IGS.

Before school, students were out in force at the front gate collecting gold coin donations to go towards the flyhighbillie organisation, and during their tutor classes they spent time writing kindness cards.

“Billie valued kindness and hope and looked to make the world a better place for everyone,” Grace said.

“B Kinder Day is about sharing acts of kindness and reminding us all of how easy it is to just be kind.”

The Fly High Billie Charity will donate the funds to causes that were important to Billie, such as Bear Cottage, Assistance Dog Australia, R U Ok, All Kids have the right to education, Dogs for Good, Feel the Magic and Seeds for Siblings.

Grace said she was “so happy” to see  students donating money but was even happier to see everyone writing kindness cards for one another.

Grace dedicated her kindness card to her cousin and said she “just wanted to to let him know how grateful we are to have him”.

“He is just so supportive, caring and generous with his time and I think he is really inspiring and I just wanted to let him know that.”

On Saturday 22 June, Grace will speak at the B Kinder Night of Hope Fundraiser.
“On the night I will be speaking about what B Kinder Day meant for IGS students and staff,” Grace said.

“I hope to lead by example as ambassador to encourage us all to consider what we can do everyday to be kinder.”

Students from the School’s musical production Grease were also out at the front gate on Friday morning adding some colour, music and dancing as students entered through the gates.