Students shine on IGS runway

Coming to the end of another remarkable year at IGS, we are enjoying various opportunities to celebrate students’ creative works and passions that have developed in 2018.

For Design and Technology students and textiles club devotees, the IGS Fashion Runway Show presented an occasion to share their talents and creative enthusiasm with the school community.


The Show took place in the School Hall, with a U-shaped and fairy-light lit runway filling the space. Guests were greeted by show host Director of ICT and Digital Innovation Graham Clarkson, who channeled his inner Alex Perry, and kept the audience entertained and informed of the garment details throughout the evening.


“We were so excited that so many people came to see the students’ creations and helped us celebrate a year’s worth of making,” said IGS Design and Technology (D&T) Teacher Ksenija Doic.


“It was wonderful to have their work shown to a wider school community and to share a small part of what they are passionate about with their family and friends.

“The brainstorming has already begun for the next show!”


A wide range of hand-made garments were presented and modelled by students.

From D&T clubs:

  • Year 7 “We Sew Crazy” Shibori collection
  • Year 8 “We Sew Crazy” designs
  • Senior Sewing designs
  • “Knitwits” knitted goods.

From D&T classes:

  • Year 7 tote bags and “Souglies” (dolls)
  • Year 8 pyjama shorts designs
  • Stage 5 Design Mode White Shirt project and jewellery collections
  • Year 11 Textiles and Design artwork pieces inspired by Indigenous art
  • Design Future Class architectural micro-housing models and work from their silversmithing jewellery project.



Bravo to all of our designers and thank you to the Design and Technology staff for supporting our students’ talents and putting on such a joyous show.