Students share flowers at hospital ahead of Mother’s Day

IGS students were honoured to be welcomed by patients and families at the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse ahead of Mother's Day.

The students, from Years 7 and 11, shared the joy of flowers with cancer patients and their families at the hospital.

Students also used their skills in speaking German to communicate with patients who were receiving chemotherapy. 

Gail O’Brien, the wife of the late Professor Chris O’Brien AO, said “having the students from International Grammar School come and visit us shows the connection we have with the community”.

IGS students created cards and shared flowers at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
IGS students created cards and shared flowers at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Flowers by Rose and Co Broadway.

“The beautiful connection we have with schools is really special,” she said.

“It also shows how much the community is thinking about our patients and brings some normality to Mother’s Day for them.

“They are not at home receiving flowers but they are receiving flowers here.”

IGS Head Deputy Principal Students and Campus Life Mary Duma thanked the patients and hospital.

She said IGS was honoured to be welcomed by the hospital, pointing out that the arrangement was mutually beneficial, as it helped raise awareness for the students of the lives of others.

Alegra, of Year 11, said her family had been affected by cancer and when she found out about the initiative she knew she had to put her hand up to help.

“Having a sick family member with cancer, I know how much it would mean to them, to take the time out of our day and be there for them,” she said.

IGS students with Lifehouse patient Angel Sakr
IGS students with Lifehouse patient Angel Sakr

Patient Angel Sakr described the visit as “very special, very refreshing”.