Students play their part to help the Australian Red Cross

On Friday morning, 31 January, the IGS community rallied together to raise funds for the Australian Red Cross.

In an effort to assist those affected by the bushfires, a number of students gathered together outside the school gates to collect gold coin donations.

With big smiles on their faces Year 6 students Romi and Alice welcomed donations from the community and encouraged students, staff and the community to give anything they could to help, big or small.

What students had to say about the bushfires and why they wanted to help:

Lara of Year 6: “We all need to do our part to stop what’s happening, and this is just a way of helping.”

Romi of Year 6: “The fires are very bad, quite a few people have died. Raising money will help relief. I just wish for everyone to donate as much as they can, even if it’s 50 cents to help.”

Alice of Year 6: “I think it’s important to fundraise for the bushfires because the more money you have the more bushfires we’ll be able to put out, which means the fewer people being in despair and fewer homes
being burnt down.”

Saskia of Year 6: “It’s out of control and it needs to stop.”

Frank of Year 6: “I think it’s important, through this cause, because it has affected this amazing country and its bushland, a lot of it. Half of this country is already desert and if it burns all of that we don’t want our country to be all desert, do we?”

All gold coin donations from today will go to the Red Cross who aim to use these funds to make a difference to on the ground services, immediate bushfire support, and the three-year bushfire recovery program.