IGS students Park it for the Planet

It was a wheelie good Wednesday for IGS community members who took part in "Park it for the Planet" day, swapping car travel for a bike, scooter, or walking to commute to work or school.

IGS Head of Sustainability, Carmelo Fedele said it was fantastic to see so many students ride their bike or walk to School.

“It was wonderful to see so many people in our community ride or walk to school on Wednesday in support of Park it for the Planet,” he said.

“I often encounter people who think that their individual actions don’t make a difference, but when you can measure the carbon emissions of a group of people for a period of time, it helps clarify the truth that every little bit counts.

“Action on climate change is not just the responsibility of government or businesses, we all must tackle the climate crisis together.”

For every kilometre they rode their bike, students saved 232 grams of carbon dioxide emissions!

Casey of Year 1 rides her bike to School every day and said Park it for the planet was a great day.

“Those who ride their bikes to school are the coolest people,” Casey said.

“Park it for the Planet was a great way to make a positive impact on our carbon emissions through our individual and collective actions. I sometimes walk to school, but it encouraged me to do the walk more often. Next time we need more people to cycle and walk to school,” said Lily of Year 11.

“I usually catch the bus to school, but Park it for the Planet encouraged me to cycle to School. I’ve decided to ride my bike three to four days per week now. It’s actually much faster than the bus and I don’t have to crowd in with lots of other people,” said Dan of Year 11.

“I’m a member of the niche fixed wheel community, but I never used to ride to School. Park it for the planet made me think I could have some fun getting to school and do something good for climate change,” said Louis of Year 11.


Total kilometres travelled by bike, foot, scooter by IGS participants: 951.888 kms.

Carbon emissions saved on the day: 232,070.29 grams, or 232.07 kgs.

Congratulations to all participants!