Early Learning students “over the moon” with new rocket ship

Transition students are ready to take their learning about space to higher levels.

During the Term 2 school holidays, IGS staff member Michael created an extraordinary rocket ship for Early Learning and Transition students to use when exploring knowledge, theories and new ideas about space.

Early Learning Teacher Robeka said Michael followed their journey into space last term, and his passion, creativeness and dedication to the project truly enhanced the children’s experience.


“By designing and creating an innovative rocket ship, Michael was able to turn the children’s dream into reality,” she said.

“Children were over the moon as they discovered the rocket ship in our classroom for the very first time.  What was to transpire when the children entered the cockpit was magical. Making their way inside the rocket ship, the children were mesmerised with the interior and immediately felt like they were astronauts, about to launch into outer space.


“With their vivid imaginations and collections of ideas to explore, the children entered the realms of dramatic play where they created their own script, to play out their ideas and theories about space.”

Robeka said the essence of this experience was derived from the children’s conversations with each other.

“Sharing this experience with each other, brought them a great deal of joy and excitement as they investigated the solar system, constellations, moon phases and the possibility of other life,” she said.

“On behalf of Early Learning, we would like to thank Michael for creating this masterpiece for us all to enjoy.”