‘Successful’ splash at unusual High School Swimming Carnival

High School students took part in a "staggered" swimming carnival at Ryde Aquatic Centre this year, to comply with COVID-safe guidelines.

While in previous years all students competed and cheered in their full High School House groups, this year, Years 11 and 12 began the competition then returned to School for normal lessons.

They were followed by Years 9 and 10 later in the morning, and finally by Years 7 and 8.

Head of PDHPE, Sport and Outdoor Education Simon Board said the event was a tremendous success with seven records broken and a myriad of colour and excitement bringing the IGS community together.

Simon said students supported each other through rhythmic drumming, sprays of vivid colour and some outstanding feats of aquatic mastery.

“Whether participating for house points or striving to be Age Champion, the atmosphere was electric, and participation across all events fantastic,” Simon said.

“Special mention to our record breakers Mia of Year 8, Robert of Year 12, Nina of Year 12, Lucienne of Year 9, Sofia of Year 11 and Mischa of Year 12, who even with a condensed program managed to perform and set new school records across a variety of events.

“A huge thank you to the staff for assisting with the event and to all students whether in Baado, Kuyal, Bamal or Gura for their exceptional participation and behaviour throughout the event.”

Assistant Head of Sport and Outdoor Education Ryan Kitchin added that the relays were a highlight as always.

“The kids were really enthusiastic, with good attention and great participation,” Ryan said.