Students go the ‘whole hog’ at Matilda auditions

Students are throwing themselves into Matilda auditions.

“The excitement displayed by students is palpable,” Musical Producer and Head of Primary Music Nik Glass said.

“Taking part in Matilda will be the highlight of every cast member’s schooling experience; the memories generated will surely last a lifetime.”

More than 150 students from Years 4 to 11 are interested in taking part in the 2020 production, with the first round of auditions concluding next week.

This year IGS has an impressive production team comprising Nik Glass, Pete Adam as Director, Alison Housley and Sarah Travis as Co-Musical Directors, Catherine Swinton as Assistant Director and Megan Sampson as Choreographer.

As part of their audition, students were required to sing a song from the show, dance a choreographed routine and read from the script.

Selected students will be invited callbacks, taking place on Thursday 19 March.

“Students that are not invited to callbacks should not lose hope. Callbacks are designed to explore potential casting ideas. If a student is not called back, they could still be selected for a principal or chorus role,” Nik said.

“We want a cast that is willing to take risks and is excited about pushing the boundaries. The journey will be physically and vocally demanding for all involved no matter what the role, principal or chorus. Taking part will require commitment and focus.

“The production crew will be formed in Term 3. Interested students should email” 

Nik said production design is now in full swing.

“The set will be breathtaking, with some very big surprises.”

The production will take place in Week 1 of Term 4.

Additional time slots have been added to next week’s audition schedule to meet student interest. Parents can select an audition time for their child via the parent Engage portal as follows:

1. Log into the Engage Parent Portal.
2. Under your child’s name, click “book activities”.
3. Select the “Matilda Audition” date you would like to book.
4. Open one of the four available time slots and drag and drop across to the right. The green tick will be your confirmation (there is no save button). If your timeslot is not available, this means it is full.
5. If you would like to change to a different time slot, simply remove your current booking by pressing the “bin” icon and select another time. A reminder, one time slot can be chosen per student.