Students get creative to promote online safety!

Who knew promoting online safety could be so rewarding? IGS kids!

2020 Digital Leaders Alice and Anton hosted a Safer Internet Day competition for students where they had the opportunity to submit a poster, rap, jingle, song or video clip that creatively promoted how to be safe online.

Congratulations to all who took part, including the following winners and runners up:

Year 2
Winner: Arya (2 Gold)
Runner Up: Chloe (2 Green)

Year 3
Winners: Ava and Miranda (3 Blue)
Runners Up: Heidi and Laura (3 Blue)

Year 4
Winner: Charlotte (4 Green)
Runner Up: Bella (4 Blue)

Year 5
Winners: Emilia and Henry (5 Blue)
Runner Up: Aroha (5 Blue)

Year 6
Winner: Kyi (6 Blue)
Runner Up: Melody (6  Blue)

Jingle/Rap Winner and Runner Up
Winner: Tilly (5 Gold)
Runner Up: Alenya (5 Green)

Special Video Clip Winner
Alexandra (6 Green)

Special Encouragement Awards
Oscar (2 Green)
Aliya (4 Green)

To wrap up the awards presentation, students were treated to the video created by Alexandra of Year 6 Green. 


Well done to all students who took the time and effort to submit their work for the competition and remember, stay safe on the net!