Students explore technology and the future

IGS Digital Innovation (DI High) students recently expanded their imagination and knowledge at the UNSW EPICentre in Paddington.

The Expanded Perception and Interaction Centre (EPICentre) is a shared UNSW research centre located at the UNSW Art & Design campus, in the historic Block C. building.

The Centre undertakes visualisation research in the fields of art, design, science, medicine and engineering. EPICentre’s major research facilities are accessible to UNSW and external researchers. 

IGS students were able to go into the Epicylinder, where they were able to experience 3D environments that examined data visualisation for medicine and emerging technology called photogrammetry.


“Students also saw the fruits of a project that explores preserving world heritage sites by allowing people to experience them without interruption or degradation to the site,” said Director of ICT & Digital Innovation Graham Clarckson.

“It works by using high-resolution 3D screens that span 340 degrees with 33 speakers in surround sound.”

The Domelab, a six-metre 3D hemispheric, projected environment, was also explored. Students watched animated Aboriginal stories come to life.

“This is a multi-million dollar facility that is used to study the interaction of robots and humans in the context of culture and society,” he said.

“Here we had the opportunity to see live photogrammetry based 3D image of ourselves through the eyes of a robot.

“As usual, our students asked relevant and purposeful questions such as the benefits of robots appearing humanoid versus robots that are solely built to carry out a function.”

Epicentre staff member Andrew Haigh explained the workings of social and cultural robotics to students. He also demonstrated and discussed many of the uses of technology within the facility.

“Students had a great day and had a glimpse of current technology with a wider view of the possibilities of the future.”