Students dress up to support the RSPCA and Pug Patrol

Puggo received VIP treatment at the IGS gates earlier this week, raising the profile of the RSPCA and Pug Patrol Rescue Australia (PPRA).

Puggo’s owner Nate, of Year 4, decided to raise funds for the organisations after discovering that many pugs require rescuing due to owners changing their minds about them, due to the care they require. 

Some can have breathing problems, others might shed a lot of hair, and others are curious and energetic, according to Nate’s mother, Lynne.

PPRA is an Australian wide rescue group committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of pugs. They pay for veterinary work and find foster homes for every pug they rescue.

Year 6 community leaders and High School leaders lent their support, as did many other IGS students, judging by the number of students who turned up in animal mufti and queued to purchase Pug Patrol Rescue squishies and badges.”

“It’s good to see kids with initiative,” said Nate’s grandmother Sandra, who kept a close eye on Puggo in his red coat as students made friends with him before starting school for the day.

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