Students display talent and knowledge at IGS STEAM Exhibition

Years 3 and 4 showcased their hard work at their recent STEAM Exhibition.

During Term 4, students in Year 3 explored the sizes, shapes, positions, and movements of the Sun, Earth, and Moon.
They investigated how shadows change throughout the day and linked these changes to the Sun’s movement across the sky.

Students also explored the effect of the moon on the tides and the erosion that can happen due to this movement.

As a culmination of their work, Year 3 were asked to develop a question about any aspect of night and day and were required to create an experiment or presentation that can explain their question.

Students’ research questions included:

  • What is an eclipse?
  • Why does the moon seem to change shape?
  • How do we get day and night?
  • What is a blood moon?
  • How do we have seasons?
  • How does a sundial work?

This Term, Year 4 explored the concept of change from a physics viewpoint and through a literature study. Students investigated the effects of contact and non-contact forces on objects.

Year 4 were tasked with creating a Rube Goldberg machine, a machine to perform a simple task in an indirect way.

Some of the simple tasks students performed include cracking an egg, pouring milk 

One IGS teacher said the topics students came up with were really interesting and was blown away by the ways in which they showcased their research.