Students develop production skills in Design and Tech

IGS Years 9 and 10 Design and Technology students have been developing their conceptualisation and production skills by using three-dimensional computer aided design programs.

“Students have used the School’s 3D printer to create their self watering pot plants,” Design and Technology Teacher Mark Devine said.

“On this learning journey, students learnt how to design in Fusion 360, export StereoLithography (STL) files, slice that file and then print it to take home their finished product. 

“During Off-Campus Learning, students learnt about 3D printing. They have completed multiple tasks learning how to design and create projects using CAD programs such as Fusion 360, then exporting their models to be printed on the School’s multiple 3D printers.

“Students have learnt how to extrude, fillet, offset plans, revolve, create and dimension orthogonal drawing.

“They have loved learning about this manufacturing technique, here are some of their comments below.”

Isabel: Designing a 3D model was pretty therapeutic, the unit was nice to do.

Ace: It was difficult but overall a lot of fun.

Sia: I had such a great time making the micro planter, I learnt useful skills on Fusion 360 and made a final product I would be proud to display and show to my friends and family.

Lucienne: Although online learning was difficult, I was able to overcome it and learn Fusion 360. Making the planter was a lot of fun and I taught myself numerous new Fusion 360 skills. I enjoyed the folio. It was actually quite fun. This is such a great subject!

Otis: Designing my own micro planter was really fun and I learned a lot and I’m really happy with my design.

Sofia: I had so much fun being able to design and create a micro planter using fusion 360. Throughout this course I was able to learn not only how to do basic 3D printing skills but I was also able to learn how to design a micro planter that I am proud to call my own. Now at the end of this project I have a pot plant (well I basically made a vase) that I am proud to display in my room.

Rory: When making my DT Project I enjoyed every minute of it except for lockdown.

Louis: I found the building process easy once I knew what to do and I am pretty happy with my final product and would love to share it with my friends and family.

Nik: I had so much fun being able to create my own micro planter and learnt so many important skills about 3D printing.

Felix: I found the building process hard but enjoyable and I am happy with my result.

William: The unit was very fun and engaging to learn and use the 3D printer. Making the micro self-watering planter was very fun and the programs were very fun. The other units we have done this year can’t compare to this one.

Nicolas: This unit was a very engaging unit. I learned a lot about Fusion 360 in the process. I hope I will get to use Fusion 360 in the future and print with it. I loved creating my micro planter using many of the skills we learned in class.

Harry: This unit has been very fun for us. Getting the chance to customise and make your own pot plant that’s personalised for yourself was not only one of the most fun units we have done so far but one of the most rewarding. Getting to see our plant pots in person after so long was great. After all our hard work getting to see it and hold it was fulfilling and i think this topic was perfect for online learning and I’m grateful we got to do it.

John: This unit was a very unique experience. We learned lots of skills for CAD software and designing 3D models. It was fun to learn a new program and to learn about the design process of the microplanters.

Harvey: Making my self-watering micro planter was very enjoyable because I got to learn and use CAD. I loved the freedom that we had when designing my self watering micro planter. 

Oliver: This unit was very engaging and making a micro planter was a very productive task. It was good to learn how to use and get comfortable with learning how to use Fusion 360. Learning how to make a pot planter was really quite fun. I found some elements tough and some elements easy and I quickly picked up on how to use the websites effectively.