Students at IGS hit new notes

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. – Henry van Dyke

The anticipation has been building for this year’s IGS Opera on Kelly.

Voices have been travelling down the corridors of the School, hitting notes high and low as the Year 9 groups eagerly rehearse.

Student confidence has blossomed throughout the program, as they have pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones to sing and perform for their peers and parents.

For the third year, the unique IGS SAGE Week has allowed students to test their strengths and learn more about themselves.

SAGE Week’s Opera on Kelly has encouraged students to express themselves, not only on stage and in tune, but also through a hands-on creative approach, designing their own sets.

Each student has taken part in the construction and painting of the sets, building collaboration, teamwork and a joint sense of achievement.

Professionals from Opera Express have guided students as they devised original characters, plots, scripts, music, sets, choreography and performances.

SAGE Week at IGS celebrates Student choice, Authentic learning, Global relevance and Exhibitions of learning.