Students at IGS hit new notes

IGS learning spaces have come alive this week as Year 9 took on the challenge of the SAGE program’s Opera on Kelly.

Students have devised original characters, plots, scripts, music, sets and choreography, ready to bring it all to the stage this afternoon in the School Hall from 7pm, where parents and caregivers are welcome to enjoy their original operas.

For the fourth year, the unique IGS SAGE program has allowed students to test their strengths and learn more about themselves.

Led by a team of professionals from Opera Express and some of our recently graduated Class of 2018, Year 9 students have been exposed to a highly engaging week of project-based learning, as they pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones to sing and perform in front of many.


“It’s often said that the two most frightening things people find are speaking in public and singing in front of others,” said Opera Express Creative Director Murray Dahm.

“There’s great vulnerability in it, but these students should not be afraid.”

Students were encouraged to express themselves, not only on stage and in tune, but also through a hands-on creative approach, designing their own sets.

Each student took part in the construction and painting of the sets, building collaboration, teamwork and a joint sense of achievement.