Student STEAM talent on show

The IGS Science Department congratulates Students Henry of Year 9, Madiba of Year 10 and Euan of Year 11 for their winning entries in the IGS Science Week Photography Competition.

Ms Somers said all entrants are to be congratulated for their creativity.

“We had quite a few submissions that used drones to photograph some beautiful works,” she said.

“The three winning entries stood out as they fit so well with our theme of Ocean Calm, how the ocean can create a sense of tranquility.

“Living in Sydney, we can at times take our close location to the ocean for granted. Each winning photo evokes both a sense of wonder and peace.”

Ms Somers said Euan’s turtle from Lord Howe Island is the very essence of calm “as it chews on seagrass, unperturbed by Euan’s presence.”

“The diversity of blues in Madiba’s entry, photographed near Manly, caught the eye of the judges.

Both Henry and Madiba’s work show turbulent seas, and the judges found the colours and natural elements to be mesmerising.

Congratulations to all students who took part. You have to be in it to have a chance of winning it.