Student Leaders inspire on International Women’s Day

We are so proud of our Student Leaders, who worked together to highlight insightful and powerful messages on International Women's Day.

IGS Head Girl Grace Truman wrote to all High School students on International Women’s Day.

We thank Grace for her leadership.

“For me International Women’s Day is a day to reflect on the progress that has been made in women’s rights and think about how we can progress towards a gender equal world,” Grace said.

“What can I do to work towards this? How can I challenge any gendered assumptions or biases that I may hold? How can I challenge gender stereotypes or gendered language around me? What can we do together to forge an equal world? What would a gender equal world look like? Why is gender equality important?

“All these questions and more are worth asking today, and every day moving forward, as stories of sexual harassment, victim shaming, violence against women, women living in poverty and the toll of COVID-19 on the work opportunities and work lives of women continue to come to light in the Australian media.”