Students strengthen green cause

IGS students are gaining fitness and strength for a good cause throughout the month of March.

Driven to support the environment, IGS students Alea Babeck, Euan Thomas and Jamison Power have registered to participate in the Push up, Squat, Sit up Challenge (PSS), led by HalfCut, which aims to raise funds for forest regeneration and conservation.

The students hope to raise $2,000 towards the organisation, which aims to plant trees and save rainforest from destruction through science-based methods for reforestation, including tree planting and assisted natural regeneration.

IGS Head of Sustainability Carmelo Fedele and Head of Year 12 Lyndon Kleeman commended the students, and encouraged the entire School community to participate in the challenge throughout the month of March. 

“The challenge involves students doing 10 sit-ups, 10 push-ups and 10 squats every day during the month of March,” Lyndon said.

“The students can ask friends and family to sponsor them.”

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