STEAM Fair success

At IGS, students apply their knowledge, extend their understanding and advance their creative and critical thinking skills within practical STEAM learning programs.

All Kindergarten to Year 6 students have been investigating various aspects of Science and Technology this term, and in light of this, IGS presented the inaugural Primary STEAM Fair this week, celebrating our students’ creative and inventive minds.

Year 3 students were asked to develop a question about any aspect of night and day, and to create an experiment or presentation that can explain their question.


A large range of questions were investigated by students, such as “Why do stars shine?”, “What is a lunar eclipse?”, “When does the moon start to move?”, “Why does stars only shine at night?” and more.


Parents were welcome to come and observe our students’ creations and explanations. Students were impressed by how much they had learned, and were proud of their efforts in putting together the projects with a number of weeks of hard work and research.

For their inspirational material, Kindergarten and Year 4 students looked to the works of renowned inventor and cartoonist Rube Goldberg, then built models to serve various purposes.


Kindergarten built models to allow a ball to roll down a frame structure on their desks and tip over a cup of blue confetti onto a canvas. These works were created in celebration of World Children’s Day. Each artwork was completely different, celebrating diversity and the result of different minds creating different structures.



Year 4 also looked to Rube Goldberg for inspiration in creating models that could serve a purpose within their homes.


Their inventions included devices that could feed pets, retrieve a football once kicked, put icing on top of cupcakes, flatten text books if they become out of shape, turn lights on, ring a bell for dinner, and even mix and pour cordial into a cup.


It was interesting for students’ peers, teachers and parents to see how the ideas were imagined, designed and presented.