Starting Sustainability in 2022

We thanks the PTF who have worked tirelessly throughout 2021 to reduce landfill from uniforms, text books, water bottles and lunch boxes.

IGS Head of Sustainability Carmelo Fedele and the PTF have shared the ways you can be sustainable in 2022.

Rue Kelly Second Hand Sales

“Rue Kelly” is the IGS way second hand uniforms and other useful items are sold for recycling within the IGS community. It is run by the PTF and supported by Sustainable Futures, with a focus on community engagement and COVID-safe interaction. 

When? Usually twice a term (COVID-19 permitting)

Where? The Rue Kelly sales are held near the main entrance in the early morning. Dates  for 2022 TBC. 

How much? Prices are low, usually a few dollars an item. 

What? Uniform, textbooks and other items donated by our community. Unlabeled lost property like water bottles and lunch boxes are free. 

How can I help? 

  • Donate any school uniform items that you can’t share with other families into the WornUp tub near reception or on the day. Please package well and clearly label so that second hand donations don’t get mixed in with lost property. 
  • Come along to sales (check InFocus and the Parent Lounge for details) and grab a bargain or two.
  • Volunteer to assist with sorting and setting up sales. 

To volunteer or ask any questions please contact 


Worn Up makes new things from old. They up-cycle non-wearable uniforms and production offcuts and turn them into new things like school desks. We partner with WornUp to collect any uniform items no longer able to be re-worn.

When? Any time. 

How? Simply drop off your non-wearable uniform into the WornUp tub near reception.

What? Any uniform items, but not shoes or bags.

What happens to it? These are boxed up and sent to WornUp for recycling into items such as new school desks.

Cost? The cost is covered by the PTF on behalf of the community.

More information is available at

How can I help? 

  • Donate all old IGS uniform items into the WornUp tub near reception. Please package well and clearly label as second hand donations, so they don’t get mixed in with lost property. 
  • Volunteer to assist with sorting and packing for pick up.

To volunteer or ask any questions please contact

Sustainable School Shop (SSS)

SSS is an online platform for buying and selling second hand school stuff. 

What? Uniforms, text books, sports gear, musical instruments and books, technology. 

When? Any time. 

Cost? The annual subscription is paid by the PTF on behalf of our community so that we can all use it for the year without paying individual membership.

Why? Outside of COVID-19 restrictions the PTF and the school hold a big swap meet in the hall at the end of the year for buying and selling textbooks and instruments combined with a Rue Kelly Sale. This subscription replaces that sale and can be used all year round. It also means you can access families outside of our community to sell textbooks and other items. Search by suburb.

How can I help? Consider listing unused school items from your home on the site. Everything sold to a new family is saved from landfill.   

Label Drive

In an effort to reduce waste generated by lost property at school, we have partnered with That’s Mine label company to encourage families to label every item that comes to school.

Why? This not only saves land-fill when unlabelled items are disposed of, it also saves resources when new items aren’t continually being purchased to replace lost ones. 

Every year thousands of items are thrown away, unable to be returned to their owners as they are not clearly labelled.

How can I help? Label everything that comes to school.

Consider buying your labels here and enter “International Grammar School Fundraiser” in the comments box at checkout. This way, 25 per cent of your order will be donated to the IGS Student Sustainability Group to help fund their good works.