Standing up and speaking out

Ace Maston of Year 6 has reflected on a recent Primary School Debating competition.

“The recent debate went excellently well. The topic was ‘books are better than television’. We had two teams, team affirmative and team negative,” Ace said.

“St Andrew’s Cathedral School visited us for a soon-to-be-close debate for both teams. St Andrews came off with a good start, but slowly IGS team affirmative was overtaking them. It was a victory!

“Unfortunately, IGS team negative lost, but there is always more than one chance, especially in debating!

“Our team was working on our speeches for the whole week, and it paid off.

“At the end we all got free bags of food from Anthony’s Catering to celebrate this year’s first debate. We all can’t wait until our next debate!”

Congratulations to all IGS debaters!