Stage 6 Aboriginal Studies students deepen learning

Year 11 Aboriginal Studies students have moved into Year 12, ready to tackle the big issues of land rights and native title in the HSC curriculum.

“Making up crazy mnemonics to memorise the timeline of events that have contributed to the fight for land rights for Australia’s First Nations people has proved entertaining over Zoom,” said Head of Indigenous Education and Stage 6 Aboriginal Studies Teacher Jade Carr.

“Also hot on the agenda is the contemplation of potential topics for their major projects which will span the next two terms and culminate in an exhibition that is always a hit on the School calendar.

“In Week 1 of Term 4, students attended an online webinar with the NSW Aboriginal Studies Association to give them a greater understanding of what this project entails.”

The 2021 HSC cohort, which includes both the current Year 12 students and their ‘compressed’ counterparts from Year 11, have been participating in regular Zoom lessons and opt-in tutorials in preparation for the HSC Exam on day one of the revised HSC timetable, 9 November.

“Students have been submitting practice HSC question responses to refine their writing in time for the exam. The level of knowledge of many of our students is truly admirable and their ability to continue working hard throughout the recent lockdown is remarkable,” Jade said.

“On an even brighter note, students in the current Year 10 cohort have elected Compressed Aboriginal Studies as a subject choice and we were able to meet last week on Zoom to discuss important information about studying an HSC course.

“The next cohort will be the biggest ‘compressed’ group at IGS so far, so we are looking forward to getting stuck into it from Week 6 of this term.”

IGS has a proud tradition of mutually beneficial innovation and success in Indigenous education.