Staff Pet of the Week Feature

Thank you to all IGS staff who contributed an IGS Pet of the Week for us to feature!

We asked our IGS Staff to submit photos of their beloved furry family members to our ongoing Pet of the Week feature. Here are some of the adorable submissions we received!

Chester, Piccolo and Bella

Meet Michelle Weirs adorable three dogs Chester (in the middle) Piccolo (on the left) and Bella (on the right).

“Chester is 14 years old. He loves chicken and sleeping in the sunshine each morning to warm his tired, old bones. He is the first dog I owned (I wasn’t allowed to have one when I was a child), so he has a very special place in my heart,” Michelle said.

Michelle rescued Bella and Piccolo last year when their owner could no longer look after them.

“They are both 4 years old and very playful.  They love chasing after balls, play fighting with each other and following Chester around. 

“Piccolo is cheeky and is my little shadow. He cries if he can’t find me in the house, so I give him lots and lots of cuddles to make him happy. Bella is elegant and gentle.  She is poised and reminds me of a graceful ballerina as she walks around.”

Michelle said she adores their unique personalities and the way they wait for her at the front door.

“They fill my heart with love and when I cuddle them, I feel at peace.”


Primary School Teacher Jessica Slater said her one year old Tamaruke is the fastest dog in the Inner West.

“He is as anxious and nervous as he is playful and loving,” she said.

“He is super smart and well behaved. Pochie only barks when he hears someone coming through the front gate, so he makes a great doorbell too!

“He likes corn chips and Cheetohs but he mostly eats dog food.”


Community Relations and Marketing Officer Laura McCallum is celebrating her two-week anniversary with standard Groodle Daisy this week!

“She is so full of life and love and is a total mummy’s girl”, said Laura. “She loves her toy Lambie and feels most at home when she is in the backyard with us investigating all the plants and bugs.”

Wallace and Goddard

Science Teacher Claire Loh has two very cute teaching from home helpers in dogs Wallace and Goddard (named after less recognised scientists).

“Goddard likes to attend tutor group each morning and Wallace can be heard snoring loudly through most of my chemistry calls,” said Claire.


Head of Year 8 and English Teacher Susie Bolt shared photos of her almost ten-year-old Cavoodle, Florence who has loved spending more time with Susie as she works from home.

“She likes walks in the park, chasing the ball, barking at the postman, lazy afternoons on the sofa and dropping her toy chicken at my feet for a play when I am trying to do school work,” Florence’s mother said.


High School Studies Coordinator Irina Braun introduced us to 16-month-old Staffy, Minty who loves running on the beach, picking up rubbish out of the water, chasing the ball, and digging big holes. 

Irina said this photo captures a rare moment when Minty stayed still. 


Floating around the pool on an inflatable seat for hours on end sounds like the perfect way to spend a day.

This is exactly what Miffy, a Papitzu owned by Deputy Principal Academic Operations Lisa Kelliher likes to do!

Ms Kelliher said Miffy growls when being taken off her floatie. 


School Assistant Chelsea Bennett loves her 3-year-old fur baby Fritz almost as much as he loves wearing different hats! 


Year 1 Teacher Sally de Gruchy shared gorgeous photos of her miniature dachshund Pablito (Little Pablo) relaxing at home and enjoying some time at the park with his pal Aurora.

Pablo will be celebrating his first birthday on 5 May!


“Isolation has been a great opportunity to bring a puppy into our family,” said Director of Studies Jacqui Baker who welcomed Daisy, a Red Heeler into her family recently.

“She loves chasing heels, ankles, and anything else she can get to,” Jacqui said.


Even while on maternity leave Home Class Teacher Emily Ross couldn’t help sending a picture in of her Spoodle, Bear from his first birthday celebrations!


Assistant Director of Languages Teresa Alonso-Lasheras has a special furry friend joining her while she teaches online classes. Meet Venus the cat! 

Indy, Niam, and Sky

French Teacher Rosy Chuvand had a very merry Christmas when she adopted three rescue pups.

From left to right we have Indy, Niam, and Sky.