Spreading Kindness

The resounding theme across the Primary School this term is kindness.

Whether that be showing kindness to yourself or to others, IGS Head of Junior School Colin Bird has reinforced the importance of being kind this term.

On World Kindness Day on 13 November, families are encouraged to walk to School in support of Flyhighbillie.

The walk for a kinder world fundraiser is about connecting people, one kind step at a time.  

IGS student Grace Truman features in this video, with more details about how you can support the initiative.

Below are some ideas for how you can show small acts of kindness:

  • Dropping a kindness message in someone’s letterbox
  • Walking someone’s dog
  • Picking up litter along the way
  • Offering to collect groceries for someone
  • Helping an elderly person go for a short walk.

We would love to share news of how the IGS community is sharing kindness. Please email lauram@igssyd.nsw.edu.au to share your examples.