Spotlight on cybersafety

IGS Stage 3 students were visited by the local Youth Police, who spoke about the importance of cybersafety.

Senior Constable Josh spoke to the students on a range of issues including:

  • What a “digital footprint” is and how to create a positive one 
  • Using creative passwords and posting images that don’t reveal too much
  • Avoiding chatting online with strangers
  • Awareness of geolocation that can embed information
  • Being aware of online predators
  • Reporting online behaviour.

Constable Josh involved the students through discussion, questions and a range of audio visual material to complement the themes.

Primary Digital Innovator David Smith said the students were extremely engaged in the program.

“It was pleasing to note that students were able to identify how to handle a particular cyber incident,” he said.

“The talk highlighted how important it was to stop and think before posting, as this could affect the digital footprint of themselves and others. A student’s digital footprint is extremely important and will follow them into the future.

“This is the impression you create on the internet through your online activity, which includes browsing, interactions with others, and publication of content. In other words, it is the trail of data, intentional and unintentional, that you leave behind while on the net. When a site you visit drops a ‘cookie’ in your browser, it contributes to your digital footprint.”

David reminded students that they should not be communicating online with people they don’t know.

“There are many strategies that adults will use to lure young children online to groom, especially by requesting information from them through images and posts,” he said.

“It is paramount that students report anything out of the ordinary with their online experience to a trusted adult such as a parent, carer or teacher.”