Spanish students get creative

Year 9 Spanish students recently entered into the Modern Language Teachers Association Yearly Linguafest Film festival.

Director of Languages Rosalba Genua-Petrović congratulated students, Jack, Thomas, Alexander, Ava, Scarlett and iris, who wrote, acted and filmed the videos themselves.

“It is a wonderful showcase of the excellent level of language proficiency they have achieved,” she said.

Spanish Teacher Yolanda Fernandez said she is very proud of her students and the amount of effort they put into their short films.

“The subject this year was, a lunch box and a challenge,” Yolanda said.

“They were only allowed two minutes. The boys decided to make a Spaghetti Western-style video about El Diablo, El Escorpion and the churro.

“The girls decided to make it a food tasting challenge.”