Sophia Wright-Mendelsohn: Mental Health

Sophia interviewed Aboriginal people and health workers to better understand the causes of health issues among Aboriginal Australians.

“Since the arrival of Europeans in Australia, Aboriginal Australians have suffered a myriad of mental and physical health issues,” Sophia said.

“Indigenous Australians have been subjected to pervasive social injustices, including but not limited to high incarceration rates and removal of children from their families.

“Although there have been significant improvements in the last century in the support provided to Aboriginal people, Indigenous communities continue to suffer from the devastating effects of alcohol and other drugs.

“This reality inspired me to interview individuals who have experienced this as Indigenous individuals themselves or as professionals who have witnessed it in their work.

“These interviews have allowed me to gain insight and clarify questions I had about their experiences. In this process, I have
gained a greater appreciation of the importance of taking further action and through this booklet, I hope to inspire others to do the same through what I have learned.”

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