Sharing the magic of music: musical craft ideas

IGS Head of Music Alison Housley shares ideas for families to enjoy music together.

Following our blog  The magic of music: musical games that make you move we have created a list of musical craft ideas to give you and your family some inspiration to get creative together!

  1. Homemade kids drums (via A School of Fish)
    Let the kids make and decorate their own drums for a marching band.

2. Fancy shaker eggs (via Mama Smiles)
    Plastic eggs filled with various items create noisemakers for       

3. PVC Pipe Xylophone (via Frugal fun for boys and girls)
    Explore musical notes by cutting pipes at different lengths and 
    comparing the sounds.

4. Cardboard castanets (via Whimsy Love)
    Cardboard and buttons make a child-sized castanet.

5. Tin can howler (via Housing a Forest)
    All you need is a string and a tin can for this fun howler.

6. Easy trumpet craft (via Preschool Crafts for Kids)
    Practice your best marching band steps with this easy
    DIY trumpet

7. African drums (via DLTK Crafts for Kids)
   Practice rhythm with these easy to make and fun to design
   African drums.

8. DIY masquerade mask (via And Next Comes L0)
    Wood, window casings, and paint create a giant rainbow         

9. Do Re Mi bottle (via Life with Moore Babies)
    Discover different pitches with this colored water craft.

10. Rain Stick (via Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails)
A mailing tube combined with a few other items create the
     sound of rain.

11.  Shaker Toys (via The Educators’ Spin On It)
      Use a variety of containers and ingredients to explore different            

12. Homemade Kazoo (via Buggy and Buddy)
     Common kitchen items come together to create a DIY kazoo.

13. Popsicle Stick and Paper Plate Kalimba (via Kodaly and Orff Music
     Teacher’s blog)
     This is a fun, unique instrument your kids have probably never       
      heard before.

14. Pin Strummers (via Pi’ikea Street)
     Use bobby pins to create boings, pops, and other sounds!

15. Homemade Trumpet (via All Done Monkey)
     All you need is cardboard tubes, poster board, and decorating             
materials for this easy craft.

16. Noisemaker (via Ganz World)
     Easy-to-make noisemakers perfect for New Years.

17. Wind Pipe Instrument (via Laughing Kids Learn)
     This is a simple wind pipe that children can make in just a few              minutes.

18. Paper Plate Tambourine (via SheKnows)
     Simple items make fun tambourines!

19.  Homemade Wind Chimes (via Hands On As We Grow)
      Tin can that are decorated then assembled into custom wind              chimes.

We hope you enjoy these creative ways to make your own music. Stay tuned for our next blog on musical movies to enjoy with your family!