Sharing language skills a ‘priceless process’

Mentorship encourages teamwork, connectedness and relationships, and is valued highly at IGS.

A supportive, student-centred language mentorship program, Language Drop-In, has just begun, instigated by five Year 12 linguists.

“Monday of Week 4 saw five Year 12 linguists and five junior language students gather in one of our garden spaces for the inaugural session of Language Drop-In,” said Will, of Year 12. The students discussed language homework and practised speaking.

“The Year 12 kids loved it, and the juniors had fun as well.”

The mentoring experience has already proven to be beneficial for both senior and junior High School students.

“It’s useful for us as well as the younger students, because it keeps our memories fresh and encourages our learning too,” said Alexandra of Year 12. “It’s a good experience being the teacher, rather than being the student.”

The Year 12 students encourage their junior peers to join the group, to develop their skills, meet new students and have fun.

“I hope for this initiative to become a staple of ‘IGS clubland’ and allow future students for years to come to help with the beautiful, frustrating and priceless process of learning another language,” said Will.

“The Japanese writer Haruki Murakami once said ‘Learning another language is like becoming another person’,” said Will of Year 12. “If that’s the case, IGS has produced a generation of kids with multiple dispositions.”