Share your support for sustainability

The IGS Sustainable Futures Group are on a mission to encourage sustainability in our school community and beyond.

Not only have the Group introduced the IGS Power Tracker to the School after a dedicated fundraising campaign and belief that “IGS can be a lighthouse school in terms of sustainability”, they have also been carrying out the IGS Phone Drive, collecting old, disused or broken devices raising awareness of the impact mobile phones, smartphones and tablets are having on the environment.

What’s next for Sustainable Futures?

The Group will be hosting a “Half-Cut and BraidsOn for the Rainforest” event at IGS on Friday 21 September, with braiding and fundraising occurring in the morning, recess and lunch, and a barbeque and live shaving at lunchtime.

Sustainable Futures are partnering with HalfCut to raise funds for the Rainforest Trust, an organisation that buys back land within the Daintree Rainforest.

“We have conjured up a team of male teachers and students who are pledging to shave half of their beards off for one day to raise money for the Rainforest Trust and raise awareness about our depleting rainforests,” Will of Year 12 said.

“It’s a conversation starter!”

“And to include the entire school community, we will be running this alongside a ‘BraidsOn’ event where everyone will have an opportunity to braid their hair for a gold coin donation.”

Support the IGS HalfCut project.

Support the IGS BraidsOn project.