Shakespeare comes to life at IGS

Students in Year 7 have been living, breathing and loving Shakespeare, as part of their project-based SAGE learning program.

SAGE stands for:

  • Student choice
  • Authentic learning experiences
  • Global relevance
  • Exhibitions and celebrations of learning.

SAGE is a project in limitless learning, a unique curriculum offering for students in the middle years.

The Shakespeare Bootcamp began by students exploring reactive drama techniques and embracing their willingness to go with the flow of live theatre. Their next step was to discuss Shakespeare and his influence.

Combining their knowledge, students agreed that Shakespeare was the most influential writer of his time, inventing 1,600 words, writing 36 plays, and creating interchangeable male and female characters. His works have been translated into every language around the world.

“Shakespeare’s language influenced the English language that we speak today, and the themes presented in his works are still highly relevant today all over the world,” said Talulla Clarkson.

Integrating comedies and tragedies, romance and betrayal, and friendship and enemies, Year 7 are sure to impress audiences at this evening’s Shakespeare Bootcamp performance in the School Hall from 5.30pm. All parents and caregivers are invited to see what our students have created in one week and attend the show.

Students have read, learnt, discussed in detail and taken on roles from some of Shakespeare’s most famous works, ready to present through creative song, dance and recitations.

The Shakespeare Bootcamp is lead by resident Theatre Company of the Seymour Centre, Sport for Jove. Working with leaders from Sport for Jove, our students are encouraged and supported by theatre professionals, who aim to inspire a love of Shakespeare and storytelling.

The program comes at a perfect time for Year 7, as they discover new areas of learning and develop their sense of identity

Come and see our students bring Shakespeare to life at 5.30pm in the School Hall!